Aquaculture Planning Apps


Update on the two Hjaltland Seafarms Ltd planning applications for fish farm sites in Loch Eishort 27th September 2015.

The Community Council has issued an update for the community on the current status of the two applications and the text of this messaage can be found  by clicking this link.

Advice for those who wish to make a comment to the Highland Council in the latest public consultation for a new aspect of the applications can be found at this link here. This has been prepared by Dr James Merryweather of the Scottish Salmon Think Tank and we are grateful for his input.



  • 14/01467/FUL | New Marine Finfish Farm - Atlantic Salmon - comprising 10 x 120m plastic circular cages, mooring grid and 220 tonne capacity concrete feed barge. | Slapin Loch Slapin Broadford, added 6th May




To help residents understand the issues further please click the links below for further information.

These two documents have been revised for October 2014 specifcally for the two Planning Applications for Loch Eishort. 

The Community Council has been approached to support Dr James Merryweather in promoting a new book, the first edition of which specifically relates to Fish Farm applications in Loch Eishort. The book 'Holes-Scotland's Salmon Sewage Scandal', is designed to inform communities of the implications of aquaculture sites being located in an area and help people make comment to the Highland Council when an Application is notified.  

Copies of the book will soon be delivered free to households in Sleat and other areas likely to be affected by the fish farms proposed for the south Skye lochs. The book will be accompanied by this explanatory flyer. Additional copies of HOLES may be bought at nominal cost on Amazon.

Dr Merryweather has introduced a new website pages of which are designed to help local residents in  the process of making a comment on these planning applications, if they choose to do so, and the link below may of use to Sleat residents.