20 April 2020Work at Armadale Pier for CalMac 23-25 April

Our friends at the CalMac office have advised that they will have contractors working on essential maintenance issues at Armadale later this week. As is routine the staff will be coming in hired campervans and will be parked at the pier from Thursday until Friday or Saturday.

We ask the community NOT to report these as visitors and please share widely given that they are carrying out key undertakings and use this form of transport for their accommodation.


06 April 2020Skye Community Response

Skye Community Response

This is a new voluntary organisation established to provide an island-wide resource to signpost people to where help or support is available during the COVID-19 emergency.

The website is  https://www.skyecommunityresponse.co.uk/ and phone number 01470373111

There is also a Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/skyecommunityresponse/

With voluntary schemes already now underway in Sleatt if there is any topic or initiative being considered here then please get in touch with the Community Council and Skye Community Response.



28 March 2020Sleat Surgery Prescriptions Service Effective 30th March

Sleat Surgery Prescriptions Delivery Group

Revised Procedures for the collection and delivery of medicines from Sleat Surgery effective 30th March 2020


With the growing threat of the spread of Coronavirus-COVID19 the Sleat Community Council has been asked by NHS Highland to provide a volunteer medicines collection and delivery service for ALL patients who are registered at Sleat. For those who routinely collect Repeat Prescriptions from Broadford Pharmacy this will continue as before, although there are reduced hours at that pharmacy.

With effect from Monday 30th March ALL prescriptions for patients throughout the Sleat townships will be collected and delivered to homes by a small group of local volunteers.  This arrangement will significantly reduce the number of daily contacts between patients (or their representatives) and the Surgery reception staff, so helping to reduce the risk of infection.  New NHS regulations now restrict access to the Sleat surgery except for the volunteers collecting medicines for patients

As previously advised the order time for repeat prescriptions is now FOUR WORKING DAYS, excluding Wednesdays and weekends. A reminder that the Surgery Repeat Line is 01471 844482 so please continue to order your medicines in this way providing your Name/Date of Birth/Address and list of all the medicines you require. In the majority of cases, patients will be given 2 MONTHS supply of their medicines.


How it will work:

Once a patient has ordered the prescription via the phone line (four working days ahead) you will now be required to phone or email the PRIMARY CONTACT who represents the township area where you live on the full contact sheet shown attached. You will then advise that person that your medicines will be available for collection on a specific date based on the four-day lead time. It would be preferred if this could be done by phone directly to the volunteers.


The primary contacts for the townships are as follows:        



Aird of Sleat & Point


Fiona Jeffrey

07763 304509



Archie MacCalman

01471 844424

07449 853810



Ceit Graham

01471 833395

07913 694794


Camuscross/Isle Ornsay/Cruard   

Pete Fowler

01471 833448

07973 509387



Andrew Jones

07940 216177




David Mills

01471 855675



Carlotta Graham

01471 855221

07464 977488



Once you have advised the volunteer of the day/date that you would like your prescriptions delivered then they will record that and when that day comes, they will go to the surgery, collect your medicines and deliver them to your home.  They will ring your bell, leave the medicines on the doorstep and step back a minimum of two metres to avoid any risk of infection.  Any ‘fridge’ medication will be clearly marked and delivered to you as a priority.



As previously advised, all Sleat patients are now only being offered appointments at Broadford Surgery but please continue to phone Sleat Surgery on 01471 844283 to arrange this. Please note there will be no GP in attendance in Sleat.


We understand that patients may be concerned at the introduction of this new procedure for the collection and delivery of medicines, but it is fully necessary to minimise risk to all. Your volunteers are totally committed to providing the best possible service to our community. We are grateful for their contribution for the foreseeable future.


We ask that this message be shared as far and wide as possible by any means and if there are vulnerable residents in our communities then please ensure they, or their friends, family or carers are fully aware of the new arrangements. If you do have neighbours who do not have internet please print this letter and the contact info and put them through the door!


Sleat Community Council is pleased to assist our friends in NHS Highland to provide this new service and we thank all of them for the wonderful commitment to our community.


Stay safe


Rob Ware


On behalf of the SCC and the Sleat Surgery





In efforts to optimise NHS resources in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, our GP resources need to be centralised and all appointments will now be at Broadford Surgery.  If you are prescribed medication during this appointment, please take the prescription to Broadford Pharmacy where it will be dispensed - do not take it to Sleat. 


Repeat Prescription requests for Sleat patients will continue to be managed by the Sleat staff and you should continue to request your repeat medications by phoning the Repeat Prescription line on 01471 844482.  Due to the increased workload there is now a four-day lead time prior to collection.  During this period, Sleat Medical Centre will be open for collecting prescriptions 0900 – 1300 hrs then 1400 – 1800 hrs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (closed all day Wednesday as current).  Please note there will be no GP in attendance.


To summarise:

Sleat patients to attend Broadford Surgery for appointments with effect from today

Repeat prescriptions for Sleat patients – requests and collection to continue at Sleat Surgery as current.


To minimise contact with NHS staff it is hoped to reduce the number of visits to Sleat Surgery to collect medication.  To assist with this, Sleat Community Council and South Skye Medical Practices, are seeking to organise prescription deliveries for those at risk, vulnerable or self-isolating and where possible for patients with routine medication. From feedback the optimum solution for reducing social distance at the surgery would be to ask for one volunteer driver from each of the seven townships.  It is important that a person who volunteers as a driver is familiar with where people live and quite often the patient themselves and must be fully fit with no underlying health issues.


The simple purpose of this new initiative is to reduce the number of occasions where collections need to be made. With the 4 working days lead-time volunteers can collect medicines during the hours above. The township areas are as follows:





Duisdale/Camuscross/Isle Ornsay






There have been many offers of assistance in these uncertain times so hoping there will be a positive response to this request.  Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer for  further information info@sleatcommunitycouncil.org.uk


It is regrettable this creates additional inconvenience to you and the NHS asks for your understanding in these difficult times.  Please pass on this information to ensure Sleat residents are aware of this situation.


We are in unprecedented times and we thank you for supporting our fragile community.  If you would like to volunteer for your community please let us know as soon as possible.






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