17 January 2021Ideas to spend a Highland Council grant of £500 on.

The SCC has been successful with a £500 grant from the Highland Council to support community resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic. As residents and supporters of the SCC, we want to ask you how best to spend the grant.

The focus is on COVID-19 related community activity, and must be on supporting emergency food, supplies and vulnerable individuals. Examples of support could include:

• supporting local volunteer efforts and expenses

• developing promotional materials

• support for local volunteer telephone systems

• making up food packs for vulnerable households

• developing measures to address social isolation

• providing a source of funding to enable groups to shop for individuals in the community where households no longer have cash available and they cannot source local deliveries

• supporting mental wellbeing in the community, connecting with nature etc

Please let us know your thoughts (via email or in the comments section) on how we might best spend this funding. There may be further funding available in the future to support similar projects.

Please share this post if you can to widen the audience for ideas.

Thank you.

12 December 2020Update on progress at the new Broadford Hospital for NHS Highland

Following the recent SCC meeting we asked NHS Highland for a quick update on progress at the new hospital in Broadford.

'Construction at Broadford is progressing well despite COVID restrictions. Internal partitions and M&E (mechanical and engineering) installation have started, windows are mostly installed so that the building is substantially wind and water tight, and work is now progressing on fitting the zinc cladding to the exterior elevations. Within NHSH, we are also busy selecting and ordering equipment, and generally planning for the migration.

We are working to a construction completion date of the 2nd August 2021, and while detailed migration planning is still in process and we don't yet have an exact date, we expect to be operational in the new hospital in October 2021.

In terms of clinical services, the key addition is that there will now be a renal dialysis unit within the new building which will mean dialysis patients no longer having to travel to Inverness three times per week. A temporary dialysis unit is also planned to open in January 2021 within the existing hospital.'

You'll find some drone footage of the exterior at Progress on the Skye, Lochalsh & South West Ross Community Hospital - YouTube


A walkthrough of the unit is also available here


13 November 2020SCC Meetings 10th November.

Thank you to the residents who Zoomed in to the Community Council's AGM and ordinary meeting which was held on Tuesday evening this week via the Zoom video-conferencing portal. This was the first SCC meeting since March and included the Chairman's and Treasurer's Reports.

We were delighted that our aligned Elected Member for Skye and Raasay, Councillor John Finlayson was able to join us. A range of topics were covered at the general meeting held after the AGM, including the future of the Sleat Surgery, planning applications, housing, transport, funding opportunities, an update from Sleat Community Trust  /  Urras Coimhearsnachd Shlèite , a proposed reduction in the numbers of Skye councillors and some huge thanks for all the work that has been undertaken this year in the community for the benefit of others.

You can read the minutes of the meeting at the link below. Gremlins in the Zoom system prevented a recording of the event, but we'll do better next time. We apologise for those who couldn't get online for whatever reason, this is new technology for most of us.


We plan to have the next SCC virtual meeting in February so watch this space!

06 November 2020SCC AGM 10th November at 1930 online via Zoom

You are invited to attend Sleat Community Council's Annual General Meeting, followed by a regular meeting, on Tuesday 10th November at 1930.

This will be held using the free Zoom videoconferencing app that is available to download from Zoom Inc at this link.


The link to the meeting is shown here. No password is required and for those unfamiliar with Zoom you can join the meeting from 10 minutes before. The meeting will be recorded for minuting purposes and if you don't want to be seen you can switch the camera off.


The AGM will feature the Chairman's report, Treasurer's report and a Q and A. This will be followed by an ordinary meeting of SCC, our first since lockdown. A full agenda will be issued at the weekend. The ordinary meeting will update on events and issues pertinent since our last meeting in March and will update the community on Sleat surgery, roads and planning issues, healthcare and much more. If you would like to raise an item for the meeting agenda please email us at info@sleatcommunitycouncil.org.uk

Read the Agenda here https://www.sleatcommunitycouncil.org.uk/documents/2020-scc-agm-agenda.doc


We are delighted that Councillor John Finlayson, our aligned Elected Member, will be joining us whom, not doubt, will be updating on a range of issues including the proposal by the Local Boundary Commission for Scotland to reduce Skye Member numbers from 4 to 3. This is being vigorously opposed and a public consultation is underway.

We will publish the Agenda on Sunday evening and it is appreciated that this post be shared.

Thank you.

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