All community councils are goverened by the appropriate local authority of which there are 32 in Scotland.  Sleat Community Council is one of 15 CCs in Skye and Raasay of which 12 are currently formed. Only the community areas of Waternish, Glendale and Uig are currently in abeyance as of Spring 2022.

All community councils are formed for a period of four years.

In Highland the governance of community councils is through the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils which can be found in full at this link. This was last updated by Highland Council in September 2019.


This Scheme is based upon the model Scheme published by the Scottish Government in March 2009 for use by Local Authorities. The Scheme encompasses a suite of documents which include: • Community Council Boundary Maps (appendix 1) • Community Council Membership Numbers (appendix 2) • Standard Community Council Constitution (appendix 3) • Standard Community Council Standing Orders (appendix 4) • Code of Conduct for Community Councillors (appendix 5)

Within the scheme there are guidance notes covering a range of relevant  topics:


Community councils are made up entirely of volunteers and a key requirement is that members are required to be on the electoral role and be resident in the Sleat Community Council boundary area as shown in Appendix 1. Sleat's membership is determined by the numbers of the electoral role and currently for our area 8 members are permitted with the addition, if required, of two youth members.

If you would like to know anything further about the work of SCC or would like to consider being a member please get in touch with any of the five members currently in office or email info@sleatcommunitycouncil.org.uk

For further useful information on Sleat and the Scheme please see our LINKS page.









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