Welcome to the website of the Sleat Community Council, serving the people of Sleat, in the Isle of Skye.


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Fàilte gu làrach-lìn na Comhairle Choimhearsnachd Shlèite a 'frithealadh muinntir Shlèite ann an ceann a deas an Eilein Sgitheanaich.


On our Meetings, Agendas and Minutes and News pages we publish the activities of the Council, serving the people of Sleat. Our aim is to show here information that is relevant to the community and the site is intended to be the focal point for all of the issues for Sleat that the Council is asked to have an interest in. We look forward to hearing from you.


Air ar Coinneamhan, clàran-gnothaich agus geàrr-chunntas agus na duilleagan Naidheachdan sinn a 'foillseachadh an gnìomhan na Comhairle, a' frithealadh muinntir Shlèite. 'S e ar n-amas seo a' sealltainn fiosrachadh a tha a 'buntainn don choimhearsnachd agus an làrach air an dùil a bhith aig cridhe a h-uile de na cùisean airson an Slèite a tha a' Chomhairle ag iarraidh air a bheil ùidh ann. Tha sinn a 'coimhead air adhart ri cluinntinn bhuat.


The Council was convened in January 2012, following elections in November 2011, with 8 Councillors,  and an Associate Member, including Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and is the conduit between the community of Sleat and the many agencies and service providers including the Highland Council, Transport organisations, the Scottish Government, the Lochalsh and Skye Housing Association and many more.

New elections took place in Autumn 2015 for the next term of office. Five Councillors  make up the new Community Council which first convened in January 2016. Two co-opted Councillors are on the Sleat Community Council.


The current Community Council took office on 7th January 2020 with members shown below from the uncontested process that saw 5 people beecome members. The term of office will be from January 2020 to October 2023.



The Councillors will warmly welcome comments and feedback on this  website, and will be happy to add pages or make changes as required. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch or email us directly at:


Tha Nì Comhairlichean cur fàilte chridheil air beachdan agus beachd air a làrach-lìn seo, agus bidh e toilichte Cuir duilleagan no atharrachaidhean a dhèanamh mar a dh'fheumar. Chan eil a 'cleachdadh an duilleag Fios Thugainn brath a chur thugainn no post-dealain thugainn dìreach aig:








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