2022 Meetings

Posted 7th December 2021

With the onging pandemic and notification this month of the new variant of COVID 19 the Highland Council have circulated this message.

Dear Community Council

The advice  shared with you all at the beginning of October regarding meetings did recognise that whilst our advice continued to be to work online, a number of you did wish to meet in person. 

With the First Minister’s announcement this week, encouraging all who can work from home to do so, I would ask any Community Council who has restarted face to face meetings to consider reverting to online meetings at present.  This is in line with the national messaging for people to take additional precautions in light of the new variant.

Should you need any advice and support in managing on-line meetings please don’t hesitate to contact your Ward Manager.

Best wishes

Alison Clark

Head of Service(Community Support and Engagement)

Highland Council



The Community Council will schedule a virtual meeting early in 2022 and in the meantime if there are are issues that you would like to discuss please get in touch. 



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