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Sleat Community Council

Comhairle Choimhearsnachd Shlèite

Fly Tipping continues at Armadale Pier

Added on 29 May 2012

The Community Council were notified yesterday that more fly-tipping of domestic rubbish has taken place outwith the bins at the car park area at Armadale Pier. The Highland Council operatives were accompanied by the supervisor who refused, quite correctly, to pick up the rubbish, as this was not in the bin. Consequently the rubbish remains. This is a photograph of the debris, and The Community Council now know the identity of the person responsible. If this should remain then we will report the issue to the Highland Council and reveal the persons name, with it's possible consequences. It is important that we keep Sleat clean and tidy, and this behaviour by a  few individuals is unacceptable. We trust the person responsible will clear it up immediately.