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News update from Sleat Community Council 4th April 2024

News update from Sleat Community Council 4th April 2024

Added at 11:18 on 04 April 2024

Community News Update from Sleat Community Council

With the first meeting of the new SCC being held tonight to maximise the available discussion time this update will cover a range of current topics relevant to Sleat. If you need to know more on any item, please get touch.

Sleat Surgery

From the Practice Manager:

‘At the moment Sleat Surgery is pretty stable.

We continue to have the Practice Nurse running a clinic once a week on a Thursday.

We previously had a blood clinic on a Tuesday and a Thursday - but now due to staff shortages in Broadford this is running on a Thursday only - but will hopefully revert back to Tuesday shortly.

All vaccinations have moved over to the NHS Vaccination Teams and patients should be receiving communication from the Team directly - as soon as we are made aware of the clinic dates - we tend to post them on the Facebook page.

Admin staff at Sleat remain stable - no changes.

GP staff over Sleat and Broadford remain stable - no changes.’

Public Transport

The Stagecoach summer timetable from and to Armadale begins on 20th May.

CalMac Ferries will operate a single vessel service on the Mallaig service for extensive periods until 3rd June whilst MV Coruisk is deployed to Mull. Service changes are on the CalMac website All customers are advised to book as soon as possible due to the reduction in capacity.

Phase 2 of the extension of parking and other facilities at Armadale Pier Is now complete except for the installation of the new bus shelter scheduled for mid-May. Customers can use the CalMac waiting area during opening hours.


We were pleased to see the long-awaited completion to the pavement extension at the Armadale/Ardvasar junction. Thanks are due to the Council, the contractors and to Nigel Grounds for releasing the land for the new footpath.

New speed-warning ‘smiley face’ signage at the primary school have been promised by Highland Council since last October have still to be installed. We have pursued the project manager for many months and he is now away until next week. It is very disappointing given that it is a school zone and with the summer ferry timetable now in place additional traffic will use the Sleat road.

Numerous reports, including another yesterday have been logged with the Council over the state of the pavement on the southbound Sleat road from Ostaig junction down to Mill Bridge and the sea wall. Other sections have overgrown vegetation, stone chippings and leaves making use of the whole pavement hazardous. We will raise this again with Councillor Stewart at tonight’s meeting.

A group of residents from Camuscross have written to the newly appointed Skye Roads Manager complaining about the state of their road which is littered with significant potholes. SCC has a copy of this correspondence.

White lining. Highland Council has taken delivery of a new unit for line-marking. We have asked, again, that the Torabhaig junction and Armadale/Ardvasar junctions should be given urgent attention.

With the completion of the Kinloch Farm resurfacing on the Sleat Road it will be another 12 months before the stretch is treated with chips and so no line-marking will take place before those works.

The short stretch of Pier Road approaching the ferry terminal is scheduled to be done when equipment and manpower is available potentially early summer.

Road signage for prototype ‘Quiet Route’ from Armadale has been delayed yet again.

Residents are reminded that you can report roads, lighting and pavement issues on the HC website at this link.


Planning: All past and current planning applications in Sleat can be seen at the website at this link.

A new planning application has been submitted for two dwellings at the site of the former Armadale Youth Hostel and old ruin adjacent to the old pier.

A planning application for a house, 4 pods, toilet block and to continue the occupation of two unauthorised caravans at Upper Teangue was unanimously refused by the North Planning Committee on 5th March. It is now understood the applicant is now appealing to Scottish Ministers via the Planning and Environment Appeals Division.

Funding was approved in March for £80,000 for the redevelopment of the obsolete Ardvasar Play Park. This is being project managed by Sleat Community Trust. The children’s play area at Armadale Castle and Gardens remains closed during the winter season and from 5pm daily.

Telecoms masts in Aird and Ord-Shared Rural Network. The 25m high mast in Aird was approved recently by Highland Council to the developer WHP Telecoms Ltd. However, the company have now sought to remove a condition as part of planning approval. It reads:

‘No construction or maintenance work should be carried out during the birds breeding season between November and August inclusive. Reason: To ensure there is no significant disturbance to breeding birds. 4. Guy wires, if used, should be line marked. Reason: To minimise any potential risk of birds colliding with the mast.

It is known that there are protected species of birds of prey in the area planned for the construction of the mast.

The project to construct the Ord mast remains under consideration despite objections due to the proximity of nearby long-established habitats, roosts and territories of the resident golden eagles. Objections included a significant one from Lady Noble, the landowner for that reason.

There have been no further updates on the surveys currently being undertaken with a wind farm company and the Clan Donald Lands Trust announced in  July 2023.

Finally, tonight’s meeting will include discussions on the Local Place Plan for Sleat and the forthcoming Highland Local Development Plan and how SCC can engage with the community. We hope you can join us for this first meeting.