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News update on the Teangue Scottish Water Treatment Plant

Added on 30 September 2012

In recent weeks there has been increased tankering to the Teangue plant causing some concern amongst local residents and so Rob Ware made a visit to the site on 29th September and ascertained the following update:

  • Scottish Water has been replacing the plants membrane water filters over recent weeks, to ensure the water quality. This is done roughly every 4 years.
  • As a result whilst the work is being carried out the plant is not in use and mains water is supplied from the clean holding tanks
  • As this is used up over time ( with no input from the loch ) they need to keep it replenished, hence the need for tankering in water
  • The last filters arrived from Inverness yesterday and the works were fully completed yesterday afternoon with the plant now back in full operation
  • No further tankering in is required and no further works to the plant are planned, other than routine  maintenance and inspection
  • Regarding the size of the pipe from the loch to the plant Dave has confirmed that the existing pipe is insufficient in capacity and will be replaced as part of scheduled work. This will be up the hill and not involving any public road or land
  • And lastly some will have seen the Planning Application for 3 Wind Turbines by Scottish Water in the land above the Plant submitted this week. This is one of a number of schemes, we believe, that SW are planning to provide local power supply for their various Water Treatment Works.

The area treatment manager for Scottish Water in Skye is Peter Mcintyre, if any further information is required please get in touch via the Councillors.