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Public Meeting about Timber Haulage in Sleat

Added on 11 March 2012

A public meetung will take place on Thursday 15th March where there will be a review of timber haulage operations since the start of harvesting and proposals for future extraction. It will be held in Ardvasar Hall at 1900.Click here for further information.

16th March 2012

The meeting was attended by 11 members of the public, four Community Councillors, Chris Marsh from SCT and Adam Lewis from Scottish Woodlands. The meeting discussed progress of the harvesting and haulage operations since the outset of the project, and the proposals for the next phase of the felling extractions. The key points  of the next few months are as follows:

  • An increase of timber haulage movements from max 6 to maximum 10 per day to be commenced as soon as the haulier can provide an additional vehicle
  • A maximum of two haulage movements on Saturday mornings as soon as can be arranged
  • Continuing of the haulage operations through the Easter school holidays
  • To target the end of June 2012 for the completion of all harvesting, extraction, and haulage of  Years 1 and 2 timber, allowing no further haulage operations until March 2013
  • Commencement of Year 3 felling to commence from February 2013
  • Chris Marsh to liaise with Highland Council TEC services on on-going issues with damage to roads, verges and junctions etc.

At a show of hands at the meeting there were 9 in favour and 2 against and so the proposals were accepted, but with assurances from the Trust and Scottish Woodlands that haulage operations will be continued to be monitored closely and the public were asked to report to the Forestry Officer ( Chris Marsh ) any issues that any person feels should be drawn to the attention of the Officer. 

Minutes from this public meeting can be found by clicking here