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Sleat Community Council

Comhairle Choimhearsnachd Shlèite

Sleat Fire Community Response Unit

Added on 28 October 2012

The Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service has been endeavouring for some  time now to find ways to sustain the viability of the Sleat Community Response Unit. The lack of volunteers to come forward, demands on people's time and the training required has meant that the unit has been stood down for over 12 months. To move this forward HIFRS called a Public Meeting in Sleat on 4th October to talk to the community and to establish if there was any way that this local service could be resumed. Following that meeting the Community Council, reluctantly agreed that it was very unlikely that a way could be found to retain the service in Sleat. Therefore the Council has now formally written to HIFRS confirming that the process to dis-establish the CRU  should  take place with immediate effect. This will, of course, include the necessary legal and contactual communications with the staff involved. The Council is disappointed that the service will no longer be available in Sleat but wishes to thank all the staff, over many years, for their contribution to the community.