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The Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust

Added on 14 May 2013

We have had a message from the Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust enclosing a copy of their new Aquaculture Information Pack, which is a document for guidance to local communities. This is the text of their email.


We are pleased to attach a link to a copy of the Aquaculture Information Pack, produced by the Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust (SIFT), which we believe will be of interest to you and your Community Council. SIFT is a Scottish charity dedicated to promoting the economically and environmentally sustainable use of our coastal waters.

The Pack aims to help local people and community groups understand the range of impacts of aquaculture and to explain how the aquaculture planning system works so that they can participate in the planning and development process.

The Scottish Government has pledged to significantly increase production of farmed salmon off the west coast of Scotland. Fish farming has many impacts on the environment and on the economic wellbeing of coastal communities. The decision to accept any new development must be made at the local level by the local planning authority.

We hope that you will advertise the Pack to your community so that it may be of benefit to anyone who wishes to become more engaged in the aquaculture planning process. Any feedback you have would be much appreciated.

A copy of the pack is attached to this email and is also available for you and your members to read and download at SIFT’s website


We hope you will find it useful.

Yours faithfully

Robert Younger