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Sleat Community Council

Comhairle Choimhearsnachd Shlèite

Winter Roads Plan for Sleat

Added on 09 September 2015

The Community Council has received the following message from Highland Council regarding the winter gritting plan for Sleat roads this year. 


There will be no changes to the plans for gritting in Sleat, they will remain as they have been for at least the last 10 years, with the exception of jiggling around the Aird road and Tarskavaig.


Both the Aird road and Ostaig road are school bus routes, but in treating one this means we cannot get ahead of the school bus on the other. As such and taking advice from both the school transport contractor we put in place the following order of treatment:


Evening Pre-grit

1.       A851 Sculamus – Armadale ferry terminal (P)

2.       C1242 Ostaig – Tarskavaig (S)


Morning Treatment

1.       A851 Sculamus – Armadale ferry terminal (P)

2.       C1244 Aird Sleat (S)

3.       C1242 Ostaig – Tarskavaig (S)

4.       C1243 & C1246 Isleornsay / Camus Cross

5.       C1241 Drumfearn

6.       U4843 Teangue Road


Target treatment times under frost or light ice within the Council’s policy are: 8:30am for Primary and 9:00am for Secondary.


I enclose a copy of the current policy for your information.