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Community Empowerment Bill 2013

Added on 06 November 2013

To:  Community Council Liaison Officers

Dear all,

First of all hello!  I joined Alasdair McKinlay’s Community Empowerment Unit a few months ago, along with my colleagues Jean Waddie, Bill Manager and Scott Sayers, Policy Support Officer.

I am pleased to let you know that the Minister for Local Government and Planning, Derek Mackay, is launching the consultation on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill at 11:00 today at the community owned Castlemilk Stables in Glasgow.  I would be very grateful if you could let all Community Councils in your area know about the consultation.

This consultation takes forward proposals that were supported in our previous exploratory consultation, and other issues which have emerged from further discussion with stakeholders. In brief the Bill proposes to:

·         make it easier for communities to take over public land and buildings
·         help communities have their voices heard on local services
·         increase transparency and community involvement on common good assets
·         streamline and extend the community right to buy
·         update legislation on allotments
·         strengthen community planning
·         help local authorities take action on defective and dangerous buildings

We are also inviting views on other ways to reflect local democracy principles, and considering how communities might benefit from legislation to strengthen the national and local focus on improving outcomes, currently implemented through Scotland Performs.

The consultation  paper is available on the Scottish Government website at and is open until 24 January 2014.  We will have a limited number of printed copies available. Please direct any requests for hard copies to, or telephone number 0131 244 0382.

On behalf of the team I would like to thank you and Community Councils for your engagement to date in the development of the proposed Bill.   We would again value your  insights into the current consultation paper.

Meanwhile if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards


Kathleen Glazik | Policy Officer | Community Empowerment Unit
3J South, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ