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Response from NHS regarding the Pharmaceutical Care Services Plan

Added on 09 August 2012

The Community Council has received a note from Mary Morton who is the NHS Head of Community Pharmaceutical Care Services after the matter was raised at a Council meeting. This was as a result of the 2012 Care Plan being issued and invited comments from the public in the Highlands. Ms Morton has been invited to a Council meeting but given the demands on her time they may be able to deal with specific issues by phone or email. This was her note to the SCC.

Dear Mr Cuthbertson,

I would be happy to answer any questions that you or members of the Sleat Community Council have about the Pharmaceutical Care Services Plan. It would be a more cost effective use of my time if this could be done by e-mail or phone but I can make arrangements to attend a community council meeting if this is required.

I have had a recent telephone conversation with one of your members and am waiting to hear back from our public involvement team in order to be able to answer a specific question about the public consultation for the current PCS Plan.

We have recently started the data collection process for the next edition of this annual plan.

Kind regards,


If any resident in Sleat would like to discuss any aspect of the NHS PCSP document please contact one of the Coumcillors or email us.