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Report on Rural Broadband

Added on 01 August 2012

Broadband in rural areas has long been an issue for many communities including here in Sleat. The Carnegie UK Trust and the Plunkett Foundation have just published a new report on the many aspects of providing super-fast broadband in remote areas of the UK. The subject has been discussed several times at the Community Council meetings and so we have published the reports here for your information. Please get in touch if you feel the Community Council can help in any way.

For the report click here  and for the Press Release of the Carnegie Trust click here

The main feature of the report is saying, in effect, that if communities want to have super-fast broadband across their areas then they cannot rely on government to do this, and may have to pursue their aims themselves.

This is a quote:

'A basic premise of the paper is that a significant number of
rural households, rural businesses and rural communities will not
have access to good quality high speed broadband based on the
anticipated level of deployment by governments and the market
unless they take action themselves. This action, to a large extent,
will require rural communities to take ownership in different forms
of broadband networks and/or online services and ownership of
their digital futures overall.'