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Update from NHS Highland about the Pharmaceutical Care Services Plan

Added on 24 August 2012

We've had a response from Mary Morton, Head of NHS Highland Pharmacy Services about the Care Plan 2012-2013. See the response below:

Thank you, I very much appreciate the opportunity to interact with Sleat Community Council by e-mail.

The annual Pharmaceutical Care Services Plan is used as a resource by the Pharmacy Practices Committee when considering applications for NHS pharmacy contracts. If there are no applications in the Sleat area then it will have no impact on the residents of that area.

The response that I received from out Public Involvement Team about the distribution of information about the previous consultation is shown below:-

The process was to include an article in both Network News and Highlights to the availability of the Pharmaceutical Care Plan and the consultation that was on the NHS Highland website. 

December edition of Highlights under ‘Need to know.’ -

The actual document wasn’t sent because it was too large but Highlights is sent to all the Community Councils who wish to receive it and Sleat is on that list.  The onus would have been on the community council to access or ask for the document.

Please accept my apologies if this process did not give your members sufficient opportunity to contribute. I did extend the deadline in order to include feedback from one of your members. It is anticipated that there will be an annual period of public consultation and it is likely that the Public Involvement Team will follow a similar process for subsequent versions.

If there are issues which relate to an individual community pharmacy then please let me know and if appropriate I will take them up with the contractor.

Please feel free to contact me with any further enquiries.

Kind regards,


If there is anything that residents wish to ask about this please get in touch.