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Update on progress at the new Broadford Hospital for NHS Highland

Added on 12 December 2020

Following the recent SCC meeting we asked NHS Highland for a quick update on progress at the new hospital in Broadford.

'Construction at Broadford is progressing well despite COVID restrictions. Internal partitions and M&E (mechanical and engineering) installation have started, windows are mostly installed so that the building is substantially wind and water tight, and work is now progressing on fitting the zinc cladding to the exterior elevations. Within NHSH, we are also busy selecting and ordering equipment, and generally planning for the migration.

We are working to a construction completion date of the 2nd August 2021, and while detailed migration planning is still in process and we don't yet have an exact date, we expect to be operational in the new hospital in October 2021.

In terms of clinical services, the key addition is that there will now be a renal dialysis unit within the new building which will mean dialysis patients no longer having to travel to Inverness three times per week. A temporary dialysis unit is also planned to open in January 2021 within the existing hospital.'

You'll find some drone footage of the exterior at Progress on the Skye, Lochalsh & South West Ross Community Hospital - YouTube

A walkthrough of the unit is also available here